Apr 5, 2010

Joshua April 4 2010

Joshua Chapter 7-8 in detail
A few major themes are
• Corporate vs individual responsibility
• The Israelites as of end of Chap 8 seem to be quite faithful overall to covenant
• Herem – the wiping out of native peoples


7:1-----Violation of proscription (2x cherem) – Achan is introduced. Narrator says YHVH is incensed – before we see YHVH take any action
7:2-----More spies to check out Ai
7:3 - 4-Spies say 2-3 thousand men is enough – but they are routed – presumably the routing is what makes them “turn their backs on their enemy” – see Jos 7:8 and 7:12 – the enemy forces them to turn.
7:7----Joshua says “Why did you lead this people only to deliver...? If only we had been content.” This is different from Ex 16:3 If only we had died in Egypt when we sat by the fleshpots.