Nov 2, 2010

Judges November 1: Intro and Chapter 13

Recap of Joshua, Introduction to Judges, Study of Judges 13 (Manoah’s wife and birth of Samson)

Key points to remember about Joshua

The people are set apart and defined  by
Covenant – focus on covenant is central to Joshua
Circumcision and Passover mark entry into land – two traditions that became defining practices of Judaism
Cherem = proscribing the natives
Prominence of Ark of Covenant along with priests, altars and sacrifices – foreshadows centrality of synagogue Ark.   

Review verses:
23:11-13 – The Israelites must observe the covenant or YHVH will not drive out the inhabitants of the land
24:14-28 – Israelites affirm the covenant.   Joshua ends with people in compliance with God’s commandments.

Intro to Judges