May 24, 2010

Joshua May 16 2010

Notes on Chaps 11-13

11:6------------- YHVH says “I will deliver them up all slain before Israel
11:12----------- utterly destroyed (herem) as Moses the servant of YHVH commanded
11:14----------- they took spoil – destroyed men (not herem = sh m d instead)
11:15----------- as YHVH commanded Moses etc
11:20----------- YHVH hardened their hearts l’chazek et libam  (Ex 4:21 I will stiffen his heart: aychazek et libo) so they could be destroyed (herem)
11:23----------- as YHVH spoke to Moses – Joshua took the whole land.  And the land had rest from war.

CHAPTER 12 – list of the 31 kings

13:13----------- Geshur and Maacath dwelt in the midst of Israel unto this day
13:22----------- Balaam is slain (see Jos 22:17) – he is hakosem the soothsayer (BdB = diviners) – (see Deut 18:10: divination is prohibited and associated with the abhorrent practices of the nations that will be found in the land) (see Num 24:1-2 “and the spirit of God came upon him” [Balaam] ruah elohim;   and see Num 24:14-24 when Balaam foresees the future).  But Balaam is not an Israelite, so why is he slain?

May 8, 2010

Joshua May 2 2010

Notes on Joshua Chaps 9- 10
Sources are in bold (if any) and described at end.

Consider the differences/similarities between Rahab and the Gibeonites as outsiders accepted by Israel,  vs Achan who is an insider who transgresses.

Lev 20:22-24
You shall faithfully observes all My laws and all My regulations, lest the land to which I bring you to settle in spew you out.  You shall not follow the practices of the nation that I am driving out before you.  For it is because they did all these things that I abhorred them and said to you:  You shall possess their land, for I will give it to you to possess..

Lev 20:26 
You shall be holy to Me, for I YHVH am holy and I have set you apart from other peoples to be Mine.

A chapter about outsiders
It is the recognition of holiness, not one’s nationality, suggests this story, that identifies one with God’s people.  Rahab and Gibeonites are outsiders, whereas Achan and his family are insiders who do not recognize holiness.  Whereas Rahab, a Canaanite woman, saves her whole family, Achan, an Israelite man, is instrumental in destroying his (Jos 7).  (WBC – Fewell)

Look at Rahab and Gibeonites together – seems like an attempt to show that boundaries between Israelite and non-Israelite are more permeable than one might think. (WHC – Myers)