Jun 17, 2012

Wednesday, June 20 Rebecca

We will study Rebecca and consider to what extent she is (or is not) shown in the text to be much like Abraham.
We did a short study at Shavuot;  this will be more intensive.  The text for the class can be found here.

Jun 3, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 7:30pm, 1 Samuel Chapter 31 and 2 Samuel Chapter 1


-------Marc Chagall  The Death of Saul

Join us as we finish the first book of Samuel (it really finishes with 2 Samuel Ch 1).
Cry with us as we say goodbye to Saul whom we have come to know.
As we study David's famous elegy over the slain Saul and Jonathan, question with us, "Who is David?"

"Thy beauty, O Israel,
Upon thy high places is slain.

How the mighty are fallen."

--- 2 Samuel 1:19

“David’s story has a way of shifting out from under us. 
It is a story that refuses to be tamed, secured, or neatly ordered.” 

  --David M. Gunn and Danna Nolan Fewell. Narrative in the Hebrew Bible.