Apr 16, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 1 Samuel Chapter 25 (maybe more)

"Abigail is an extraordinary woman who is ready to take risks in order to save her husband
and household members from David's wrath."

    --Shulamit Valler

"Neither Michal nor Abigail seem to have made idols of their husbands;
they did not even consult them as to what they should think, say, or do. 
They furnish a good example to wives to use their own judgment and
to keep their own secrets, not make the family altar a constant confessional."

    --Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1898)

Wednesday, April 4, 1 Samuel Chapters 23 and 24

1 S 24:16  "Saul said: 'Is this thy voice, my son David?'  And Saul lifted up his voice and wept."

"Despite Sha'ul's failures and his subsequent descent into monomaniacal pursuit of David, there is something that leads many readers to view the first king of Israel not as evil, but as tragically marred...Sha'ul is not a misfit but a 'mighty' warrior who has fallen, surely not a cause for rejoicing."

       ----Everett Fox