Feb 21, 2010

Beginning Joshua

As we study Joshua, we will focus on some specific chapters and verses.   Expand this post to see a list of the first few.  We will not necessarily cover all of these in one class - this is just to give you an idea of what to look for, and more will follow.  Please bring Tanakhs so we can compare with texts from other Books.  If you can be reading Joshua beforehand, the study session will be richer, but come even if you haven't had time for preparatory reading.

To start, we will be looking at how similar/dissimilar are Joshua and Moses and at how Joshua fulfills expectations set out in the Penateuch.   We will meet twice a month on the first and third Sundays and cover the books of Joshua through Kings at whatever pace will be comfortable.  There will be opportunities for those who wish to lead a study session(s).  Please contact me with any questions.

Death of Moses
Deut 34
Death of Moses
2 all
Spies and Rahab
Num 13:1 -10
Deut 1:22 -28
Spies in the land
3:14 -17
Crossing Dry Jordan
Ex 14:15 -30
Crossing Red Sea
5:13 -15
Capt of YHWH’s Host; Removing Sandals
Ex 3:1 -10
Burning Bush
6:17 -25
Rabab is spared

If only we had been content
Ex all over
The fleshpots of Egypt
What about Your great name?
Ex 32 9 -12

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