Mar 11, 2010

Notes on Joshua March 7 2010

Notes on Joshua March 7 2010
I am here to introduce text and stimulate questions, but not to answer them all.   Good questions – you can research and bring back answers.
These are rough study notes – meant to both remind and to stimulate further thought.   Sources are in bold and described at end.
As we go into the land – the people are set apart and defined:  by covenant, Passover (memory), circumcision, proscribing the natives.

Various events and traditions have been reworked very substantially over time and ultimately included in the Bible in order to substantiate a particular picture of God.  Accounts were also changed by later tradents, authors and editors who revised in accordance with beliefs.
(JSB – Brettler)
Circumcision and Passover mark entry into land and provide didactic value in emphasizing two traditions introduced in Torah that were to become defining practices of Judaism.
(JSB – Meyers)
JSB = Jewish Study Bible.  Carol Meyers: “Joshua.”  Marc Zvi Brettler:  “Nevi’im” and “Canonization”
HCBC = Harper Collins Bible Commentary.  Walter E. Rast: “Joshua.”
WBC = Women’s Bible Commentary: Dana Nolan Fewell: “Joshua.”
Joshua Chapter 3-5 in detail

READ: 3:1-6
3:3 - 4------ The Ark of the Brit (Covenant) advances – borne by levitical priests – so the people know the route to march.  See cloud by day and fire by night which did not depart (Ex 13:21-22 and see Ex 14:19).  What is the difference between Priests leading and God leading
READ 3:7-17  
3:7---------- God exalts Joshua
3:10-------- God will dispossess
3:13-------- Jordan waters will dry up when priests feet touch water
3:15 - 17-- crossing of Jordan (see Ex 14:15-30 esp 21: Moses held out hand and YHVH drove..)
4:6 - 7------ Stones and tell the children Ark cut off waters;  repeated at Jos 4:20-22
4:14-------- YHVH exalts Joshua and Israel reveres him like Moses
4:23-------- YHVH dries up Jordan like Sea of Reeds (not priests here)
4:24-------- Thus all peoples of earth will know YHVH’s might and fear YHVH
READ 5:1-11: Defining of the people
5:1---------- Loss of spirit (because of Jordon, not like Reed Sea as with Rehab)
5:2 - 3------ Circumcision (see Gen 34 – Dinah)
5:4 - 6------ Never see the land because did not obey YHVH – see Numb 14:21-24 and 30-38, Deut 1:34-38
5:10-------- Passover celebrated after recovery from circumcision
5:12-------- The end of the manna – end of an era.
READ 5:13-15
5:13 -15--- “Remove your sandals” Read with Jacob and angel (Gen 32:25-31) burning bush (Ex 3:1-10 – “Remove your sandals”) and Balaam (Num 22:22-23) What makes the ground holy?

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