Jun 22, 2010

Texts for Canaanites – from Curse to Conquest

Topic Text Notes

Appearance in Text

Gen 9:20-27 Curse of Canaan by Noah - Ham saw father's nakedness = ervah ערה

implies shameful exposure - BdB 788

rainbow right before this in text

Adam & Eve nakedness = arumim - Gen 2:25, 3:7,10 - not ashamed ערמ

Who "they" are
exposed - bare

Gen 10:15-10 List of Canaan's descendents - Jebusites, Amorites, Gergishites, etc

Ex 3:8,17, 34 List of tribes, Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites

What is wrong with them?

Lev 18:3,6,7 Do not be like Canaanites - do not uncover ervah - implies act of rape ערה

Lev 18:24-30 do not defile yourselves like them - Canaanites as sexual degenerates.

Lev 20:22-26 do not follow their practices - you shall possess the land

What God will do

Just Land

Gen 12:5 Abram sets forth for Canaan and arrives for a stop

Gen 12:7 God assigns land to Abram's offspring

Gen 13:12 Abram returns from Egypt andstays in land of Canaan

Gen 13:14-17 God promises Canaan to Abram

Gen 15:7 God gives Canaan as inheritance to Abram

Gen 15:16 Iniquity of Amorites

Gen 15:18-19 God covenants with Abram to give land to offspring

Gen 17:8 God establishes covenenant and gives Canaan and will be also their God

Gen 23:19 Abraham buries Sarah in Canaan

Gen 24:3-4 Isaac cannot have a Canaanite wife

Gen 28:1 Jacob cannot take wife from daughters of Canaan

Gen 31:3 YHVH tells Jacob to return to birthplace - place of ancestors (Canaan)

Gen 33:18 Jacob returns to Canaan

Gen 36:2 Esau took wives from daughters of Canaan

Ex 3:8,17 God will take them to Canaanite land - list of tribal names

Ex 6:8 God will bring them to the land

Ex 33:1-2 I will send an angel to drive out the Canaanites etc

Num 14:9 Joshua says the Canaanites are "our prey"

Num 14:45 they lose battle with Canaanites and Amalekites at Horman

Deut 11:23-25 God will dislodge - put dread and fear over land

Deut 31:3-5 God will cross over before the Israelites and wipe "them" out

Land and not worshipping foreign gods

KEY Ex 23:23-33 You shall not bow down to their gods - I will drive them out - no covenant with them and gods

Ex 34:11-16 God covenants with Moses to drive out Canaanites etc - no covenant with "them"

This is after Golden Calf and 2nd 10.  If they are driven out, 
how can they be covenanted with?

Num 33:51-55 You shall dispossess and demolish - Those you allow to remain will be thorns
see Ex 23:23-33 Bible is severe with Canannites because culture easily confused w/ Isrealites: Torah 1019

Deut 6:10-15 Land full of cities and cisterns you did not make - do not follow their gods

Deut 7:1-5 You must doom them to destruction - not intermarry - smash their pillars Rahav
see Num 33:51-53

KEY Deut 7:16-26 You shall destroy - really strong

Deut 9:1-5 God will wipe them out because of their wickedness

Deut 12: 2-3 Tear down the altars

Deut 12:29-31 God will cut down nations

Deut 20:10-15 Offer peace - kill males and take booty - this is for distant towns

Deut 20:16-18 Towns belonging to Canaanites that are heritage, no one can live. 

Proscribe lest they lead you to do things they have done for their gods


Lev 25:44 You may acquire slaves from nations about you

Lev 25:45,47 You may acquire slaves from children or resident aliens

Lev 26:32 God will make land desolate so enemies who settled in will be appalled

Lev 26:38 Land of your enemies shall consume you

Num 15:14-16 Same rules for you and stranger


Num 15:26 Israelite community and stranger alike shall be forgiven 

Num 15:29 One ritual for Israel and stranger


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