Oct 17, 2011

Study with Penina 1 Samuel 5-7 October 19, 7:30pm

Study with Penina Announcement


1 Samuel Chapters 5-7
Wednesday, October 19, 7:30pm to 9pm.  Eitz Chayim library. 
Bring your tanach, snacks, wine.
RSVPs appreciated

No prior study or knowledge of text study or Hebrew is required
Books provided if you don't have your own.

Review and study material can be found on Penina's blog

Throughout the year we will meet each 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening to study the book of Samuel.

And they placed the Coffer of YHWH on the wagon,
along with the chest and the gold mice and the images of their tumors.
And the cows went-straight on the road, on the road to Bet Shemesh:
on one path they went, going-along (and) lowing,
but they did not turn right or left.

---1 Sam 6:11-12 (Fox translation)

"Against the spareness and swift efficiency of normal Hebrew narrative style, the writer here lavishes synonyms and repetitions in order to highlight the perfect geometry of the miracle: against all conceivable distractions of biology or sheer animal unknowingness, the cows pursue an arrow-straight...trajectory... [T]he milch cows...are going strenuously against nature: their udders full of milk for the calves they have been forced to leave behind."
---Robert Alter, The David Story

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